Hold a Fun and Crazy Even school fundraiser ideas

Hold a Fun and Crazy Event (Karaoke Night)

Most of us have tried Karaoke. Karaoke contests are silly, great fun. These events encourage many people to participate, from the young to the simply young at heart. When it comes to high school students, it will probably be hard to get involvement as kids can be critical of one another. Karaoke may be more appropriate for colleges, greek club, or even a parent-teacher night as these groups are less likely to be embarrassed in front of others. Singing is a joyful thing to do. It lifts one’s spirit and makes for a great time.

We recommend a Karaoke event for several reasons:
  • Minimal investment
  • Fun for all ages
  • Wholesome activity

Another thing you might want to consider is having a few short contests, where people can sing against each other. Try to have themes to each contest such as the Best Happy Song, the Best 50’s Song, or 80’s number. Choose topics that will encourage both recent grads and parents to reach for the microphone eagerly. Have contests geared toward kids to promote their participation. Doing something fun for them tends to draw a big crowd, and you never know what can happen. Giving simple prizes like a baseball cap with your school’s mascot or a coffee mug to the winners is a very low-cost way to get people involved and excited.

What you will need for this type of fundraiser:
  • A karaoke machine (or several)
  • Banners and flyers
  • A dance floor (optional but could be fun for guests)
  • Seats and tables and a proper arrangement
  • Light refreshments (optional)
  • Prizes for contests
  • Student and parent volunteers to help with the event

Hold a Big Event – Plan a School Fair!

Right from the start, we want you to know that having a school fair is likely the most planning-intensive fundraising idea you can choose. However, if it carried out correctly, and planned strategically, your school can also make thousands of dollars over the course of one to three days. For this one, you need a large team to pull it off. You’ll need parents, students, outside contractors, and a large start-up budget. school fundraiser ideas

If you want to prepare for this event properly, you must give yourself ample time to plan it right. If done well, it can turn into an annual event that the community looks forward to each year.

How to begin

To start, you’ll need to decide on what type of activity stalls to have at and the number of people who will be at each stall. To clarify, an example of a stall is a booth where a particular game or attraction will be. A ring toss or a dartboard with balloons is an example of types of stalls. Then, consider how you will find volunteers or staff members to help at the stalls. Remember that you will also need both management and security to help with your school fair, as this will be a large crowd and your goal is for everyone to have a terrific experience at the event. Most contact the local police department to provide security and protection as these events can attract everyone in the community, not just students and their families.

A lot of school fairs have stalls that have different food items, games, and memorabilia. But you’ll want to pick and choose what you think would be best for your school. Consider first what would appeal to your students, then also to the parents and families who will attend the graduation ceremony event.

Pulling off a school fair can be exciting and fun, and will almost guarantee that you draw a crowd. But do not do this type of fundraiser without “crunching the numbers” first. It is critical that you understand if this event will help you reach your fundraising goals. Many schools operate these at break-even for the sole purpose of providing a fun time for the students and community.

What you will need for this type of fundraiser:
  • Tents to set up stalls
  • Tables and chairs where necessary
  • Select what your stalls will sell (games, food, memorabilia, etc.)
  • Be sure to have a School Spirit stall with school memorabilia items
  • Student and parent volunteers
  • Flyers to help advertise the event

I know we’ve written this before, and you’ll read it a few more times. Your school graduation ceremony is a great event to jazz up with a fair. The visitors are guaranteed, and it’s a great chance for the extended families of students that traveled far and wide to spend time having fun with their recent graduate. Hold it before, or better yet hold it after, the graduation so that everyone can go straight from the graduation to the fair.