17 Festive Holiday Fundraiser Ideas for your School’s PTO PTA

If your school partnered with a local business or community organization, you can reflect that organization’s purpose or work in the design of your merchandise. Motivating students to get involved in your fundraising efforts can be a difficult undertaking. Students ranging in age from kindergarten to college provide unique challenges concerning their engagement in the fundraising process. Yet once you have students on board, they will be your greatest fundraising tool to boost awareness and harness community support. To get the greatest turnout at your school fundraisers, you’ll need to get started with the promotions as soon as possible. For maximum impact, use a combination of both traditional and digital marketing methods to get your message across.
In this article, we will share 53 popular school fundraising ideas. Tag Day is a well-known school fundraiser among bands and large student groups, and you can use it to your advantage, too. Essentially, you have groups of students post up outside local businesses and ask patrons for donations. They can also canvass neighborhoods or send out donation request letters in lieu of visiting businesses. The “tag” refers to the tags, ribbons, and stickers that students give to people who donate, although this isn’t required.
Remind people that they can engage at any level they feel comfortable with. Make your event equally accessible to everyone — from experienced runners to those who prefer to leisurely participate — to open the event up to a larger audience. Set up fundraiser ideas for nonprofits -up coffee shop on campus to attract new donors, boost visibility, and help students survive their early morning lectures. In a few minutes we can create a simple clean and easy-to-use sign up sheet for our clients.
Now tell me, how much would you have been willing to donate in order to turn your principal into a chocolate sundae? Can you see their face with chocolate syrup pouring down their head? Now imagine the children’s screams of glee and delight to see this happening at your school!
Those same street vendors tended to areas with many people—specifically theaters. Made with real butter, it’s time to get comfortable on your sofa with a great movie while enjoying Movie Theater Butter popcorn. Healthier than at the movies, there is no gluten, GMO, or artificial preservatives.